5 Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Look Out For in 2019

Artificial Intelligence is Omnipresent? Well, it is just the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way organizations operate. We have witnessed this dramatic change that has been enabled by the increased computing power and colossal data available now with just a click. AI has been evolving rapidly and is all set to further push new boundaries. Let us talk about 5 AI technologies to look out for in 2019.

So let’s get started-

Virtual Agents

A virtual agent is a computer-generated, animated, artificial intelligence character which serves as an online, interactive assistant. Ask your questions, maybe ask for a job opening or ask to read out news for you and the virtual agent will make it happen.

“The Future is Intelligent Agents”

While Virtual agents are mostly used for customer service as of now, a few future use cases of virtual agents which are in the works are making reservations, placing orders, answering queries, and providing information .

From big players like Amazon and Google to startups like Zirtual, big bucks are being poured in from every part of the globe. This makes it a technology worth waiting for.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled HR

The HR industry has witnessed a significant number of changes, thanks to evolving AI technologies. Companies are now putting their resources to change the process of managing their workforce and sketch plans to increase productivity and overall employee engagement.

AI can help to fasten the talent acquisition process by as much as 75%

This would be a great time-saver. Once recruiting is done, the on-boarding process can be furthermore personalized compared to just traditional ‘ice-breaking’ sessions. With such sophisticated technologies in place (in the future), the training process can be planned, organized and customized by AI to ensure maximum output in minimum time.

Thus, the most significant advantage of AI in HR would be time-saved and reduction in manual work.

Biometric Attendance Systems

The manual pen and paper attendance system was replaced with the now ubiquitous fingerprint enabled biometric sensors which might be replaced soon.

With the advent of AI, facial recognition is all set to become ready for use at a large scale in attendance systems. Researchers say that these facial recognition attendance systems can increase the accuracy of attendance reports up to 72% from the now 59%.


The importance of weapons in the war-zone is paramount. In recent years, guided missiles, distant war-fare, rifles with pre-determined targets have been under the spotlight especially in guerrilla warfare.

‘One Man With a Gun Can Control a Hundred Without One’

AI-guided missiles promote adoption of UAVs. Guided missiles can be used to switch targets mid-flight, missiles with cameras guided with AI are among the rapidly emerging technologies in the military.

While drones and guided missiles help in aerial battles, robots can help in un-manned ground operations.  AI has the potential to increase the severity of attacks with a substantial reduction in the loss of life.

Natural Language Generation and Speech Recognition.

NLG can be considered as a translator that converts data into text, enabling computers to communicate their ideas accurately. A NLG includes planning and merging of information to generate text that looks natural. While NLG can convert data into text, speech recognition is also here to stay and Alexa is not the only example. In-car systems to change music, voice dialing in devices, medical documentation, are among the many applications of speech recognition in the future.

Speech Recognition can also be used to hone pronunciation and master a particular language.

So, Let’s Summarise:

AI is all set to seep into almost all the remaining untouched segments of daily life. Knowing and learning about AI is going to be critical for our future. What’s in store for us and how is it going to change our lives?

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