Facebook is Dust Without AI.

We as humans always seek support, for motivation, for direction, sometimes emotional as well. The technology we use and develop is thus, greatly influenced by our personality traits in general.

One such example is social network giant- Facebook.

Without Artificial Intelligence, Facebook as we know it today, won’t exist.

Well, that is what Yann LeCun, the founder of AI research lab at Facebook says.

“If you take the deep learning out of Facebook today, Facebook’s dust,” –-Yann LeCun.

Deep learning is facilitated by neural networks which mimic the neurons in the human brain. Deep learning embeds multiple layer architecture (few visible and few hidden). So, this is an advanced form of machine learning which collects data, learns from it, and optimises. Often some problems are so complex, it is practically impossible for the human brain to comprehend it so programming it is a far-fetched thought.

Deep Learning is omnipresent in our entire Facebook experience. From posts to tags, the technology powers almost every single aspect of user experience.

Back in 2013, Facebook knew how lucrative a role AI would play in the future and just like other big players like Amazon, Facebook specifically focussed on Deep Learning. Enter LeCun, and the ball gets rolling.

The social network started implementing deep learning algorithms for image classification and facial recognition. While the possibilities were unknown, over the years, with tons of data and enhanced computing power the AI techniques have grown drastically.

Facial recognition, news feed, weather forecast, tags, are a few ways how the social media giant implements deep neural networks for problem-solving.

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LeCun says that the social network would not be where it is today if it weren’t for AI technology. AI programs not only control what we see, but they also control what we ‘do not’ see on the facebook app. Deep learning is used for content moderation and filtration too, to ensure there is no hate speech on the network for example.

Although it might sound perfect, the technology has faced criticism as well. For instance, the content moderator is not entirely accurate as a few posts still make it to the feed, which is a shortcoming of the system. While technology is all set to mimic human intelligence, it might take a few more years for AI to ace content moderation.

Now before you think of this is how AI is overpowering humans, let me make it clear- even though the capabilities of AI are increasing leaps and bounds, the real-life terminator scenario is far off vicinity.

LeCun believes that even the most sophisticated AI systems powered by machine learning algorithms and deep learning are unlikely to perform tasks with the same drive as humans. Yes, AI can tell you if it is warm or cold, but it cannot feel the warmth unless it is specifically programmed to.

“The desire to dominate is not correlated with intelligence,” he said. “In fact, we have many examples of this … in the world. It’s not the smartest of us that necessarily wants to be the chief.” – Yann LeCun.

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Today, AI is to industries what gold is to mines. We interact with algorithms much more than ever before and this is definitely set to expand but the likelihood of humans being ruled by machines is minimal.

From the anniversary reminders to the news feed, Facebook relies on deep learning much more than ever before which is why as their chief AI researcher says- without it, Facebook will be nothing but dust!

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